Why Addicts Fear Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Drug rehabilitation programs can be very successful, but some patients who need to attend rehab are afraid of the process. Here are some of the common reasons why addicts fear rehabilitation programs.

They May Fear Wasting Their Time

Many drug addicts will fear rehabilitation programs because they feel that the money and time may be a waste. This is why many people try to overcome their addictions on their own. However, forty to sixty percent of drug users relapse (http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/principles-drug-addiction-treatment-research-based-guide-third-edition/frequently-asked-questions/how-effective-drug-addiction-treatment). A rehabilitation program may be the best way to make the changes stick, since it involves chemical and behavioral interventions. It also gives the person someone to talk to in case they do relapse, which can be a great tool in itself for preventing a relapse.

They May Fear Losing Control and Admitting Defeat

It can be frightening to admit that you need help. Many patients fear a rehab program because they think of it as a sign of weakness. Choosing to get help for a serious addiction is actually a very brave thing to do, since it will force the drug user to do a lot of personal work to overcome the challenges of addiction.

You can remind the person that signing into a drug rehabilitation program doesn’t mean a loss of control; the patient always has control over their own participation. Each person needs to take their own steps in order to get better, and the support staff at any rehabilitation center should help the person customize their own treatment.

They May Fear the Unknown

It’s natural to fear a process that you don’t understand. Sometimes, drug rehabilitation centers can be a source of anxiety when the drug user isn’t sure what will happen to them in the program. To overcome this kind of fear, all it takes is to speak with the program’s representative to find out what the day to day program will look like. Often, it will be a combination of group and individual therapy, personal activities, health interventions, and chemical therapies to help get the person back on their feet.

They May Fear the Future

Drug addiction can become a way of life for addicts. In can affect their circles of friends, their lifestyle and activities, and their identities. Some addicts may subconsciously be afraid of becoming sober, because they can’t imagine what their lives would be like on a different track. They may subconsciously sabotage their own efforts to get better, because the pain of rebuilding a new life can seem to be too difficult.

Friends and family can be supportive to a drug user by reassuring the person that you’ll be there throughout the process, helping them to deal with any changes that come their way. Taking the steps to heal from drug addiction can be scary, and the support of loved ones is a key aspect that makes it possible.

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